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14 fun learning games for 3-year-olds

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Games to play interest

Postby Negal В» 11.03.2020


Outdoor games eh? Do the smartphone-savvy, tablet-friendly, hi-tech kids of today know about going out to play? The idea is to convince them that playing outdoors is anytime more fun than breaking our heads over electronic games. So, how do you do that? If these points sound too intimidating and stressful to you, we suggest you relax. So, sit back and read on:. Ever heard of the Hindi idiom bali ka bakra? It simply means scapegoat. Make the game flexible and customise the rules for your child as and when you want.

Well, this one needs no introduction. The rules of hopscotch are ingrained in every Indian almost like the rules of cricket! A sneaky way to practise numbers, no? This one is for the little boys and girls who enjoy pretend-play. We indulge in quite a few pretend-play activities indoors like playing house, doctor, and chef; so this one is for outdoors.

You can let kids use their toy cars, bikes, or any other vehicle that they own and let them experience a pretend day on the pretend road! This game needs a little preparation and can be played as an indoor or outdoor game. However, playing it outdoors, especially in a garden, means more fun and less mess. The rush to hunt for the marbles and the messy play with water makes this game a riot of giggles.

Try it on a hot summer evening and see! The catch-me-if-you-can game is probably older than the Ramayana and is always fun to play. Within a group of two or more kids, one kid needs to catch the other s and whoever gets caught first, runs and catches the others. We keep running and catching like cats and mice.

This is one of those outdoor games in which children of all ages can be involved. The players keep singing the song as they play. The game continues till everyone has had a chance to drop the letter or when players are too tired of playing! This game can be played between two or more players and is addictive once we get the hang of striking the gilli. So, are your kids ready for a strike? Kabaddi is one of those outdoor games which can be nurtured for a lifetime career as well.

Ever seen a dog rush to a bone? The game is simple. We hold hands and go around in circles singing the rhyme. Tap the shoe or Shoe is one of those outdoor games that even our grandfathers must have played. These days however, it has lost its appeal. Why not try playing to revive it? Tug of war is one of those outdoor games that was once part of the Olympics.

If you want to give your child the feel of an actual game of strength, play tug of war with the original rules of the game , as played in the Olympics. Trying to teach your child to stand straight in a line? Play this outdoor game and teach your child that. Plus, have fun! I used to call it skipping ropes and it was loads of fun to skip ropes in a group.

In Hindi, Kanche is known as marbles and the game of marbles is very common outdoor game. You can make your own rules of marbles as you go on. Well, you have a handy list of outdoor games here that you can try with your child.

So, what are you thinking? Do you play outdoor games with your child? Share a few of your game ideas with us. Comment now! Find out if your child is being meaningfully and positively engaged by taking this simple quiz. Mother to a five-year-old, Amrita Minocha is essentially a teacher.

A hardcore bookworm who aims to pen a book someday, she currently writes GRE verbal samples, activity books for kids, and actively blogs on the Flintobox blog. You are not signed in. Sign in to post comments. I will be introducing this different schools. Good I am collecting different games and sport form different part of the country.

Wonderful thought.. All game are already famous in Rural life and Government School. But in the latest life these activities are Hide in childhood.

Thank for mail I like it and hundreds of thanks for these guidefull mail. I am also not remember about these activities. Your are most creative mind blowing teaching.

Hi Kshipra, Thank you for your interest. Leave this field empty. Child Development. Yes, they do! How do you play this game? A minimum of three players are required to play this outdoor game.

By toss or mutual agreement, one person the first scapegoat! All players need to be visible to the person who is counting, so the distance between the players and the raider cannot be too much. We want them to be involved, not scared! Once the counting is done, the raider needs to run and catch another person to tag. Tagging is done by patting only at the back. Tapping at any other part of the body is not accepted. This is what makes this game a little challenging and fun.

The next person to be tagged has to then run around to catch another person to tag. The game stops when every person has been tagged at least once. The person tagged the most number of times loses the game. Hopscotch Well, this one needs no introduction.

Using chalk, draw the hopscotch pattern on any concrete floor outside. Usually, hopscotch is a numbered pattern where each box pattern is numbered from 1 to 9 or Taking turns, each participant throws a small pebble so that it stays within the boundary of a numbered box. As the game progresses, each player hops from one box to another. The person to have reached the highest level gets to draw another box, with the next higher number, for the other players to cover before they can win.

So basically, the winner is making it tough for the others to win. Traffic on the road This one is for the little boys and girls who enjoy pretend-play. Within a team of minimum three players, taking turns, assign a player to play the cop and other players will pretend to be vehicles.

You can take the role of a pedestrian. Use handmade craft traffic lights to play this game. The policeman directs traffic and stops vehicles to let pedestrians go and vice versa. Play in an open and safe place so that the pretend traffic has enough space to navigate.

A twist! Marble pond game This game needs a little preparation and can be played as an indoor or outdoor game. Place several marbles in a huge bucket or tub and fill it with water. You can use a toy swimming pool as well. The run and statue game is a favourite among outdoor games that kids like to play. By toss or mutual agreement, one player goes first. Cat and mouse chase Looking for easy outdoor games?

Nothing beats this one! This can be a never-ending game till mom calls us inside and curfew begins! I sent a letter to my father and on the way I dropped it Except that the letter is more of a piece of cloth.

Why Aren't Video Games Fun Anymore?, time: 9:41
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Re: games to play interest

Postby Kazrajas В» 11.03.2020

Most number of winners from a particular team means that team wins. Because play is the language of children, children who have difficulty putting intsrest thoughts in words can often speak clearly link play therapy. The Complete Guide to Child Care. Play in an open and safe place so that the pretend traffic has enough space to navigate.

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Re: games to play interest

Postby Fegis В» 11.03.2020

Sign In. The child soon expects this response and repeats it for fun, playing with his Advertiser partners include American Express, Chase, U. Structured play is different.

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Re: games to play interest

Postby Moogumi В» 11.03.2020

They act out anxiety and emotional stress from abuse, neglect, abandonmentand various painful physical experiences. They need play toys that interest to of their senses and stimulate their interest and curiosity. Try it on a hot summer evening and see! Play is simple and imaginative. They like peek-a-boo; playing games the parent's fingers, hair, face, and the infant's own body parts; playing in water.

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Re: games to play interest

Postby Tagore В» 11.03.2020

Familiarization prepares children for potentially fearful and painful experiences, such as surgery or parental separation. The Professional Guide for Babysitters. For this game, the players move to one side of the room or another depending on what they bames given two options.

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Re: games to play interest

Postby Mikinos В» 11.03.2020

Children act out situations they suspect may happen to them, that they are fearful will happen, or that they have witnessed. The players sit in a circle and there is no limit to the number of players that we can include. The person tagged inrerest most number of times loses the game.

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Re: games to play interest

Postby Zulkir В» 11.03.2020

Related Resources. Leave a comment Create a free account with Care. Pictionary Not an artist? An abused or wounded tp might not communicate the experience verbally but may be able to use an anatomically correct doll to show what happened.

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