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Games for kids

Educational Games for Kids

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Games for kids once online

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Get your students excited about learning with our collection of teacher-designed educational games. With activities suited for preschool through 5th grade, your students will build foundational skills in everything from counting to reading comprehension, fractions to basic coding, and much more.

Ditch the dry lessons and let learning games transform study time into an adventure students will want to go on again and again! Bookmark this to easily find it later.

Then send your curated collection to your children, or put together your own custom lesson plan. My Education. Log in with different email For more assistance contact customer service. Preschool Kindergarten 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th.

Educational Games for Kids. Sort by. Filter Results clear all filters. Counting Pizza Party. Your kid can practice counting and number sense by making pizzas. Sight Words Hopper.

Your kid listens to the cues and clicks on the corresponding sight words. Floyd Danger: Quest for the Complete Sentence. Help Floyd Danger capture the book of complete sentences by avoiding obstacles, sorting sentences, and creating complete sentences. Counting in the Kitchen. Your kid will identify quantities as fast as possible to serve hungry customers. Flipping Pancakes Fractions. Get your flapjacks! Kids flip pancakes to represent fractions in this fun-filled diner game.

Learn Coding With Roly. Your child will follow up with this game after completing Coding With Roly. Drag and drop command blocks to navigate Roly to all the apples. Stop the Clock! Kids must listen carefully to stop the clock once it reaches the target time. Bubble Buster: Addition to Kids click on bubbles that add up to 10 to try to keep the bubbles from overflowing.

Blending Sounds Spelling. Kids build blending and spelling skills to help get the gang to school in time. Addition Pizza Party: Kids practice concrete counting and simple addition at the pizza parlor. Summertime Spot the Shapes. Your students will hunt for shapes in this chaotic summer swimming pool scene. In this letter recognition game, kids quickly pop alphabet balloons.

Match the Rhyming Words. Kids look at pictures and listen to words to find pairs that rhyme. Nothing but net! Kids help Penelope score points in this basketball-themed multiple choice math game.

Less Than or Greater Than: 1 to The alligators are hungry for numbers, and kids use number skills to feed them.

Sight Words Demolition. Kids help demolish a building by identifying sight words in this engaging game. Secret Agent Addition. Prefix and Suffix Fish. Prefixes and suffixes are essential to understanding the meaning of words. Help kids grasp these concepts with this word-matching game. Candy Shop Arrays.

Sweet multiplication! Kids practice finding products using arrays in this delicious math game. Letter Sounds Match-Up. Help this little robot make new friends -- literally -- in this game that works on beginning sounds. To practice place value, kids bake chocolate squares in increments of tens and ones. Alphabet Space Photoshoot. Kids explore outer space and find uppercase letters in this alphabet game.

Bar Graphing with Roly. Stop those germs! Kids must catch germs as they drop and prevent people from getting sick in this icky data and graphing game. Long and Short Vowel Sort. Time to shop! Kids must sort short and long vowel words at the toy store. Educational Games for Kids Get your students excited about learning with our collection of teacher-designed educational games.

Interactive and Educational Games for Every Young Learner With our diverse range of learning games, your child will have a blast building essential skills in math, reading, writing, digital literacy, and more. Whether your child is just starting their educational journey in preschool or taking the leap into 5th grade, our collection of games will help your child practice the skills they need to succeed, while making learning a positive experience they're excited to continue.

Introduce your younger learners to important concepts in an accessible way, such as letter recognition to build writing skills.

Older students will enjoy more advanced challenges, like solving equations with fractions and mastering the keyboard. Take advantage of our wide array of options by letting your child explore outside their grade level too.

Give your child the chance to refresh their memories and sharpen skills they've already learned with games for lower grade levels. Next, look ahead to higher grades to introduce your child to new concepts or provide them with extra challenge in a subject they excel at. Your child will love playing to earn points, win the games, and set high scores, and you will love seeing their knowledge grow as they set off on the path to becoming lifelong learners. Add to collection. Create new collection Collection name.

Save Cancel. New Collection 0. Sign up to start collecting! Sign up Log in. Tell us about yourself I am a:. I'm interested in grades:. School name:.

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Re: games for kids once online

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Purchasing an optional touchscreen stylus will make the process even smoother. Bing Build and Play game. What about on a batch of super yummy and totally adorable cupcakes?

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Re: games for kids once online

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Will you save your family restaurant and make if profitable? You should try them out, too! In the case of free kids games, however, we prefer to see growth.

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