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Postby Donris В» 16.05.2019


Windows 7 had a set of nice, beautiful games including the classic card games with new shiny graphics and some great new games from Vista like Chess Titans, Mahjong Titans and Purble Place. For some reason, Microsoft decided to discontinue these games and offers bloated Modern games from the Store instead.

For fans of the original Windows 7 games, here is a simple tutorial to revive them on Windows Update: this package now works in all Windows 10 version including Windows 10 Anniversary Update recent builds :.

To get all games from Windows 7 working in Windows 10 , you need to do the following:. You are done! Go to the Start menu and play your favorite games now. That's it. Now you have games from Windows 7 in Windows If you are a fan of the internet games which used to come bundled with Windows, here's how to revive them: How to bring back Windows 7 classic internet games on Windows 8. If you want to find some nice games which are Metro apps, here are 40 free Store games , which includes new ones as well as all-time favorites.

Winaero greatly relies on your support. You can help the site keep bringing you interesting and useful content and software by using these options:. Thank you! I had installed W7 games when i converted to W10 but the games stopped responding with the last W10 update. You need to re-download the updated package. Download the updated one from here , install it and enjoy. See the following article: Windows 7 games for Windows 10 Anniversary Update and above.

So happy that I have my Classic solitaire back on my Windows 10! Windows killed it last night during an update, nowhere to be found! They seem to think they own my computer! So this is the second time I have managed to install it against all odds.

Many thanks!!! Always missed chess on Windows 8. Now I can just play these on my laptop! Thanks alot! This says Windows 10 but the images show Windows 8.

Will this work after I upgrade from Windows 7 to the free Windows 10? Thanks Please reply…. Cheers for the games but me smells a law suite appending. No need 7 is good at least until If not install ClassicShell. Oh man, I was kinda really upset that they started placing advertisements on their games on windows 10 but thanks for this alternative!

Are these comments about excessive number of ads aimed at Mediafire which clicking on the zip Archive with Games takes one to? Thank you so much for this. They can take their app store and shove it. I just upgrated from Windows 8. On Win 8. Chess titans rules!. Ty ty ty. Which games? After installing Win 10 from Win 7 a couple of days ago I was real disappointed to lose all the built-in Win 7 games especially Chess Titans.

Anyway, you have made me happy again!! Thanks for your efforts… Way to go! I just upgraded to Windows 10, and really felt lost when I saw that Solitaire was gone. I use it for a lot of things, including relaxation to music, and when waiting for internet things to load to make the time pass faster. Your Solitaire really hit the spot. What am I doing wrong? Thanks a bunch!! It is great to have folks like you to help those forgotten by MS.

Why are they so out of touch with their users! They are not out of touch with their users. They are simply greedy, very greedy, and never miss a moment to squeeze every dollar from their users. Is anyone else having an issue where internet backgammon wipes your statistics every time the computer reboots? Thanks very much for the games that I lost after upgrading to Windows 10 Pro.

I installed Spider Solitaire and it is exactly the same, including retrieving my history and win percentage. However, I have encountered a bug. This has happened several times. This never happened in Windows 7. I was able to undo all the way to the beginning of the game to play over, but I can never do that now. If I try to do it I will eventually get the null pointer error. I tried uninstalling and re-installing, but still get the same error. I do appreciate getting my game back, but it is frustrating to exit a game without winning it.

I hate giving up. I tried it with a fresh start in case the file got corrupted in downloading. I uninstalled, deleted all installation files, and downloaded the. After re-installing Spider Solitaire, I was able to use CTRL-Z to undo all the way from the last deal to the beginning without encountering the null pointer error.

This may have fixed my problem. I have since managed to do it numerous times without crashing. I guessed it might have something to do with moving the pointer while using CTRL-Z, so I now move the pointer into the taskbar and take my hand off it while undoing. I solved the null pointer problem this way: find the real Microsoft games it located in program files on C in windows 7 copy it or download the pack from net. I am having the same problem on my laptop with Windows Does not occur on my desktop with Windows Very frustrating.

It would seem that there should be some solution. I have the same problem, when using CTR Z Spider works fine on my 2 Desktop Machines running w10, but on my Laptop, it will often crash with null pointer error, but not always!

Look at the other posts I think think may be due to the touch pad, I am going to try disabling it see if that fixes the problem. The problem never seems to occur when using the Games drop down menu to accomplish undo. This is OK for a single undo but cumbersome for multiple undos.

To accomplish multiple undos make sure the first one uses the Game menu. The problem first occurred on a brand new laptop, but my desktop was fine. I was using a Logitech M Bluetooth mouse on the laptop, and then I got another one for my desktop, and the NULL pointer problem started occurring there too. On both machines I was using the mouse with the stock Microsoft driver.

I later installed it on the laptop, and the problem went away there too. Thank you thank you thank you. I just upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and immediately missed my games, especially Chess Titans and Spider Solitaire.

I found your website and downloaded the zip file. Norton Software warned me against the file so I came back to your website and checked out the comments and reviews before installing the program.

My goodness, it worked flawlessly and immediately right from the start! How easy that was! I got an extra bonus when my statistics for Spider Solitaire were not automatically deleted when I upgraded to Windows 10 and they reappeared the first game I played.

So I was able to pick up where I left off without interruption. Thanks very much for your website. Love it!!! The alternatives are not as good! Thank you so much!!!!! Me and my kids love these games and were so disappointed to see they were gone. Thanks again! Thanks so much for this.

how to download pc games for free - hindi, time: 8:09
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Re: download games windows 7

Postby Yozshuzshura В» 16.05.2019

Quick question. Well, based entirely on the colour of the windows redI disabled and re-enabled my antivirus Bullguard and now the games ring has gone. The best thing download the not losing the stats that I have years invested in. I downloaded and installed the game, but nothing works. Download the updated one from hereinstall it and enjoy.

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Re: download games windows 7

Postby Mogal В» 16.05.2019

Will this also work online a brand new Dell with Windows 10 installed, I am a novice and really enjoyed the solitaire games games came with play previous Windows 7 and truly hate the collection which is available in the Micro Wave Store. Thanks again! Certainly no Windows 7 games. A big thank-you! Still a problem click the NULL error when you undo windowss spider solitaire.

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Re: download games windows 7

Postby Faulmaran В» 16.05.2019

I downloaded and installed as per the Wizard. On Windows 7, you waited a while eownload a few hours and it worked again. Thanks very much for the games that I lost after upgrading to Windows 10 Pro. I would like to have the same this web page launch back, in with as the result was a square with all the games with there own logo. I have tried compatibility mode to no avail.

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Re: download games windows 7

Postby Dugar В» 16.05.2019

The games themselves will still run though. Fishdom 3 Engage in challenging and fun match-3 puzzle gameplay with new unique twists. I was able to undo all the way to the beginning of the game to play over, but I can never do that now. So Click here was able to pick up where I left off without interruption. Now I can just play and relax.

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Re: download games windows 7

Postby Telkree В» 16.05.2019

Many thanks!!! You guys ROCK! I installed the pack but keep getting the error when undoing. Can anything be done to bring them back?

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Re: download games windows 7

Postby Nikogar В» 16.05.2019

I them. Bali Quest: The Sacred Legacy 3. Doing a little search on the Internet, I did find your winareo.

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Re: download games windows 7

Postby Faujin В» 16.05.2019

I have now installed solitaire, spider and hearts. Thanks, Sande. Yeah, Microsoft dictates how we must use computers and leaves no room for own pleasure. Match Windkws 4. All you need to do is: — re-download the games package — re-install them.

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Re: download games windows 7

Postby Yozshuzahn В» 16.05.2019

Is this software free of the junk before I download? You have done superb work here. That's it. The Chronicles of Noah's Ark 3.

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